Where to Find A Pro Bono Divorce Lawyer?

Pro bono lawyers are those who provide their time and skill on behalf of low-income customers who otherwise will not be able to provide a good legal representation. If you are considering bankruptcy or need a divorce lawyer, you might be interested in finding one that works for you for free.

In this article, we provide you tips on how to find a bankruptcy or pro bono divorce lawyer.

Where to find pro bono divorce lawyers

The State Bar Association in most countries will give a list of lawyers who do pro bono work. The record of free bankruptcy or divorce lawyers can regularly be found on the website of the Association. If not, give them a call.

A second option is to bankruptcy lawyers or divorce attorneys and asks them if they are working pro bono or know someone who does.

If you discuss pro bono divorce or bankruptcy representation, the lawyer wants information about your financial situation. You may even need to provide bank statements, tax returns, and other records so that you are willing to work for free. Be able to bring documentation of your need to your first meeting with bankruptcy and pro bono divorce attorneys.

Do you get a good representation pro bono?

Most committed divorce and bankruptcy attorneys give their pro bono customers the same high-quality legal representation they offer others. To be as certain as you can, that you are properly represented, you speak at least 2 or 3 lawyers willing to work as a free divorce or bankruptcy attorney before you choose one. Choose one that shows an obligation to help you get back on your feet financially in a bankruptcy or to help you secure a better future for yourself and your children in a divorce.

Pro Bono Divorce Lawyers